Our Exclusive 10 Step Process to Achieve a Clean and Healthy Home

    Your carpets and home get the absolute best treatment when we complete these 10 steps included with your carpet cleaning!

    1. Sweep entry way and clean small entry rug.

    2. Test worst spot with our proprietary, World Famous Spot Remover.

    3. Provide a thorough pre-cleaning evaluation and make recommendations to achieve and maintain a Clean and Healthy Home. Review invoice with customer.

    4. Vacuum all carpet, including edges and corners. Wipe baseboards.

    5. Move small upholstered furniture and other items AS DIRECTED.

    6. Pre-spray carpeted areas with special treatment for stains and high traffic areas.

    7. Clean carpets with proprietary Carbonated Green Cleaner that provides effervescent, residue free cleaning.

    8. Post spot, clean thresholds, corners, edges and getting underneath furniture as thoroughly as possible.

    9. Inspect completed cleaning with customer while the equipment is still in your home.

    10. Finish touches and carpet grooming.

    BONUS—15 MINUTES OF FREE CLEANING—Vacuum an additional room or air conditioning return, clean a spot, dog bed, small rug, wipe a ceiling fan, inspect and clean your vacuum, sweep garage or back entry. Anything you can dream up. Change a light bulb? Yep.

    Call us now at (904) 220-9977 to schedule your cleaning.